A recent study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research is the first to show that correction of upper neck injuries is capable of reversing the progression of both MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and P

Carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS) is also called “repetitive trauma disorder” or “overuse syndrome” (OS). It occurs when the median nerve of the wrist is irritated.

The human nervous system is the master controller of health, since it is the nervous system that communicates and controls all other bodily functions.

In North America, more than 40 million students carry backpacks. About 20 million carry in those packs more than the recommended weight.

Chances are you know somebody that suffers with asthma. It may be someone close to you or even a member of your family.

During an asthmatic attack the bronchioles become swollen, go into spasm and fill with mucus. Asthmatics feel as if the lungs are being strangled.

A healthy diet that is enriched with a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement has been shown to produce healthier people.

To enjoy optimum physical and emotional well being, our bodies have to be working properly.