What patients say?

At first I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor, but Dr. Kimura explained everything about my condition and made me feel comfortable. Now I bring my entire family to get adjustment for wellness care. He's AWESOME!

- Tammy L.

Dr. Kimura is a true “healer.” What other health professional can you see briefly on a weekly basis—to ask questions, bring concerns? He is compassionate and experienced with issues for the whole body. The entire staff at the clinic focuses on “wellness” so I work together with them in preventing health problems as I get older.

- Mary F.

I first went to Hawaii Chiropractic Clinic for pain in the middle and lower part of my back. Now I go to stay healthy!

- Bernie B.

I first went to Hawaii Chiropractic Clinic in pain in 2005. An old back injury had come back to haunt me—practically every move caused my back to go into spasms. After a month of Dr. Kimura’s adjustments, the intense pain subsided. After a year, I felt like new again and thought my back was “fixed.” It was a year and a half after that I had to admit to myself I needed Dr. Kimura’s help again. Since then, I’ve gone to HCC on a regular basis, keeping me free from back pain, that is, unless I do something stupid like carrying something heavy in the wrong way or fall. And if that happens, Dr. Kimura gets me back to my “normal” fast.

- Lynn W.