Employee Training

In addition to our chiropractic services, we also provide a variety of other health and training services. As a business owner or manager, you know your employees are your greatest assets. To determine if health training would be beneficial to your employees, simply read the following statements and answer to yourself yes or no:

  • We offer health insurance to our employees.
  • We would like to save money on our health insurance costs.
  • We want our employees to be happy, healthy and productive.

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then our Hawaii Employee Health Training program is probably right for your company, and we would love to talk to you about the various options, prices, and benefits of our program.

An employee health program impacts the overall wellness of your employees, possibly resulting in fewer sick days taken, and an increase in productivity.

Because each business is different, we work with you to tailor a program specifically to the needs of your employees and your business. If, for example, employees at your business are susceptible to sprain/strain injuries (from bending, lifting, data entry, or desk work) we can focus elements of the training program around that activity.