By the time you have disease symptoms, your body could have been in a state of dis-ease for weeks, months, or even years!

“How can a chiropractor help my child? His back doesn’t bother him.” How many times have chiropractors seen parents ensure that their child has regular check-ups for their hearing, teeth, and eyes but never bother to have their child’s spine checked? Reality is that a spinal check-up is probably the most important check-up your child could have.

Chiropractic is the only profession that concerns itself with the detection and correction of spinal subluxations.

What causes whiplash? A whiplash injury occurs when the head and neck is thrown very quickly in one direction and then rebounds in the opposite direction.

To have a better understanding of where subluxations are in your spine helps one understand the potential health problems you can possibly suffer from.

Everywhere you look these days in health care it seems that all types of providers are offering you “Wellness” services.

One of the most common practices within the Chiropractic profession is to evaluate the length of time nerve interference has been existing in a person.

There are five components of damage that our bodies experience.