The seed of a tree contains all the information needed to allow it to grow into a perfect tree, and will do so as long as it does not encounter any interference during its growth pattern. EXAMPLE: A rock in its way or chemicals in the ground. Similarly, people have a brain and nervous system that holds all the information needed to continually and perfectly build all the cells, tissues, organs and systems of our body. We will grow and develop in a perfect way as long as we encounter no interference to our intelligently designed body.

EXAMPLE: Blockages in spinal function or unneeded medications. This intelligence is called an INNATE INTELLIGENCE (innate meaning inborn). It travels from our brain throughout our nervous system and to every part of our body from the moment we enter this world to the day we leave. Every second of every day our innate intelligence continually gives our whole body the information to potentially function at perfect levels. It allows for us to eat, breath, walk, talk, and go to the toilet. It is crucial that this information gets through every moment of our lives uninterrupted.

When there is an interruption with the transfer of this intelligence there is dysfunction at its desired level. A chiropractor’s main goal is to look for these blockages, remove them, and keep them from coming back throughout a lifetime. A chiropractor also teaches people about what may be causative factors that lead to the blockage of our innate intelligence.