Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Spine

Numerous times in the past, people have asked if there are ways for people to check family and friends at home to see if they have an unhealthy spine. There are ways to get a general idea. This will not lead to a diagnosis; however, it will give you and the person being tested clear signs if they have an unhealthy spine.
15 warning signs of an unhealthy spine:
1) YOU HAVE POOR POSTURE: By standing on two bathroom scales compare the weight distribution. If it is different this is a strong sign that your spine, hips or head are off center.

2) YOU HAVE HEADACHES, BACK ACHES, and SORE OR TENDER SPOTS IN MUSCLES OR JOINTS: These are common signals of subluxation.

3) ONE LEG APPEARS SHORTER THAN THE OTHER: Lie down with shoes on. Have someone else look down at your feet and compare the length of your leg by comparing the heels. If one is longer than the other spinal or pelvic dysfunction may be causing health problems.

4) YOU ARE OFTEN FATIGUED: A subluxated spine drains your energy.

5) YOU HAVE POOR CONCENTRATION: Subluxations affect brain health and function.

6) YOU CANNOT TAKE A SATISFYING DEEP BREATH: A compromised nervous system leads to decreased lung function.

7) YOUR HEELS WEAR OUT UNEVENLY: This is due to uneven leg length which is caused by the length of the spine.

8) YOU HAVE TO “CRACK” YOUR NECK, BACK OR OTHER JOINTS ALOT: This is caused by chronic and progressively decay of spine function.

9) YOU JAW “CLICKS”: This can be caused by subluxations in your neck or TMJ.

10) YOU CANNOT TWIST OR TURN YOUR HEAD OR HIPS TO EITHER SIDE EQUALLY OR EASILY: This reduced range of motion is a symptom of spinal dysfunction.

11) ONE OR TWO FEET FLARES OUT WHEN WALKING: Check your feet when you walk. If one or two feet appear to flare outward or inward your spine and pelvis may be unbalanced.

12) YOU HAVE A LOW RESISTANCE TO DISEASE: Subluxations affect your neuroendocrine and immune systems. These play a crucial role in the resistance to disease and your ability to fight infection.

13) YOU FEEL STIFFNESS IN YOUR BACK AND NECK: Subluxation decreases spinal mobility and creates stiffness.


15) YOU JUST DO NOT FEEL RIGHT; YOU ARE IN GENERAL POOR HEALTH: A decrease in overall health is a common result of Subluxations.