Your mind has an enormous affect on your level of health. It is known that your belief in any therapy, or lack of it, significantly alters its effect. Examples of the influence of the mind upon health include the fact that some people with multiple personality disorders have been observed to experience certain illnesses in one of their personalities but are free from it in others.

One common denominator in “miracle recoveries”, such as spontaneous remissions of cancer, etc., seems to be a shift in beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes of the individual concerned. (These people frequently describe their illness as a positive, life-enhancing experience.) Mental attitude and emotions play a great role in your health.

From the field of psychoneuroimmunology, which studies the “mind-body connection”, has come to the following conclusions. The answer to 2 questions can determine your likelihood of suffering from heart disease more accurately than any other known test:

1) Do you enjoy your work?
2) Are you happy?

Happy people have a lower incidence of ill health and faster recovery rates. People who express their inner feelings more freely usually enjoy greater self confidence and experience life more fully.


To alter chronic health problems can sometimes feel challenging. The first rule of using mind power to help you heal is to be aware of what your body is trying to tell you. Remember that all healing takes time; time to cleanse and regenerate before changes in symptoms occur. Don’t despair if symptoms do not change immediately. Recuperation is often a great time to practice patience. As people become healthier, their bodies generate healthier thoughts, attitudes and feelings.

At the core of Chiropractic care is the thought that we are treating a person and not a disease or a diagnosis. When a person walks into our office they are immediately taken care of as a whole person; their health is not dissected as a physical element only.
It is obvious that from the positive mental/emotional atmosphere we have created in our clinic we continuously see people who become more in tune with their bodies. Our patients are learning how to be healthy and not just temporarily battling symptoms.

This is one reason why Chiropractic is now the fastest growing health care profession in the world!